Brief Background

Sešego Cares was established 12 years ago. Its mission is to get personally involved in making a sustainable contribution to the wellbeing of the Southern African Communities.

The philosophy of insisting on sustainability as the key driver for involvement in projects.

Mobilisation of like-minded people who are willing to volunteer their time, resources, key competences to make a difference. Volunteerism that is driven by a strong conviction to bring sustainable change.

Touched the lives of over 850 000 people

Over R32.5 million cash or in kind raised

Sešego Cares has achieved its objectives of making a sustainable difference in the lives of the communities we serve by focusing on skills based and corporate employee volunteerism. The elimination of administrative costs has also been a critical success factor.

Strong board and governance structure i.e.

South African registered NGO / NPO / 18A

KPMG is our auditors

  SARS Registration As Importer

  Sešego Cares BEE Certificate


Exclusive focus on selected areas, executing on plans and impact assessments
Strategic donations: Economic issues
Sustainability as the key driver for involvement
Mobilising and engaging the skills of Corporate Employee Volunteers
Delivery model that has no administrative or infrastructure costs
Strong values and solid corporate governance
Promote and leveraging on our current connections and build or create new connections
Innovation and enablers
Improving quality of life

Education - the bedrock for sustainable change
Orphaned, vulnerable children and women
Entrepreneurship: Skills transfer, technical expertise, coaching and mentoring etc
Develop leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities

Skills transfer and job creation
Accountability and shared vision
Create human dignity and self worth
Enhanced partnerships between civil society, the private sector and government
Shared values
Enhanced visibility of the project / need
Transformation amongst the partners and community
Pre planning becomes essential
Impact can be measured and monitored
Better understanding