Sesego cares about the Khomani San

Sesego Cares handed over knitted items, dolls and shoes to the children of the Khomani San near the Kgalagadi Tansfrontier Park in Northern Cape.

According to Annemarie  “This unique community is the oldest in the world, also one of the most special communities and people in our beautiful country. I thought it fitting for these members to receive the dolls. They stay in the desert.”

The ‡Khomani San are descended from several original San groups, including the ||Ng!u (close relatives of the !Xam, who lived south of the !Gariep River), the ‡Khomani who spoke the same language as the ||Ng!u but had a distinct lineage, the |’Auni, the Khatea, the Njamani and probably others whose names are now lost to us. Most San of this bloodline now speak Khoekhoegowap and/or Afrikaans as their primary language. There are only five of the original 23 confirmed speakers (there is no reference point for this statement – in 2016, for example) of the ancient N|u language, constituting an important component of the few surviving aboriginal South African San. Approximately 1 500 adults are spread over an area of more than 1 000 square kilometres in the Northern Cape Province. Approximately 8002 people live in the northern reaches of Gordonia, at Witdraai, Askham and Welkom, just south of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and in the towns of Rietfontein, Upington, Loubos, Olifantshoek and surrounding villages and settlements.

When the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park was proclaimed in 1931, the livelihoods and freedom of movement of some of South Africa’s last remaining first peoples – Bushman as we call ourselves – were curtailed. Some people were settled at the national park headquarters at Twee Rivieren, and some gained employment with SANParks. Many others, having been dispossessed of their land, dispersed into Namibia, onto nearby farms and further afield.

Sesego Cares hands out knitting items to those in need

Sesego Cares handed out knitting items to  Sunnyside Orphanage Home. Along with Busy Bees, Sesego handed over knitted jerseys, scarves and beanies for the children at the home .

With winter at it’s zenith, this act came at a time it was needed the most.

We wish Sunnyside and the children all the best!



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