Sesego Cares Giving Partner of TOMS


Sešego Cares, an independent NPO, is involved in many socially significant community projects particularly those involving vulnerable groups such as orphaned and abandoned children, the elderly and those impacted and affected by disease, violence and abuse.

One of our partners is TOMS in US. We are the country host for TOMS in South Africa. The TOMS shoe giving initiative is complimentary to most of our projects as this provides shoes to children who would most likely drop out of school despite us providing water, better sanitation, desks, stationery and ablution facilities.

TOMS shoes have brought many benefits as listed below:

  • Protection from weather elements;
  • Protection from poor of lack of proper social services – most streets in and around some of the densely populated areas have rubbish, garbage, poor sanitation and blocked drainage systems;
  • Protection from disease;
  • Dignity and a sense of pride;
  • Versatile shoes that allow the children to use the shoes for school, at home and for some sporting activities;
  • Opportunity for children to continue their schooling – shoes form part of school uniforms and some children discontinue their schooling because they cannot afford to buy shoes;
  • Restoration of hope to children who are working so hard to come out of the poverty cycle etc.


Sešego Cares will receive a continued supply of shoes which will keep the children motivated to focus on their school activities and not have to worry about not being able to attend school or participate in sporting activities, because they have no shoes. The actual giving of hundreds of thousands of shoes distributed over the past 7 years to various learners in underprivileged schools and homes in South Africa have been our highlight as we have experienced the joy and rekindled hope in the eyes of the beneficiaries.

TOMS are no cost to you.

It is my privilege to extend this offer to schools, volunteers and PBO’s, or you can identify a beneficiary or centre in need. Place your order at Sešego Cares at or

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2 hours ago

Sesego Cares

Sesego Golf Day 2018

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13 hours ago

Sesego Cares


#Golfday is finally here and we could not me more excited!!! Make sure to have a good time and share all your pictures with #golfday!!⛳

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14 hours ago

Sesego Cares

Official Invite from Sesego Cares

Sesego Cares is a non-profit organisation that helps orphaned and abandoned children as well as vulnerable children and women in Southern African communities (more information on website below). It is with great pleasure that we cordially extend an invitation to @Last Ultimatum Youth Consortium to participate in the Sesego Cares annual Golf day Tournament event.

Our main focus is on education, enterprise development, health and skills transfer. We are currently organising this exciting Golf Day Tournament fundraising event to be held on Wednesday, 23rd May 2018 at the Johannesburg Country Club in Woodmead​ (detail attached).

I believe this fundraising event is something that could be of interest to you and as an NPO we are offering you a hole (free of charge). This will be a platform for you to set up, advertise and showcase your work and achievements. The players will have around 1:30 minutes at each hole where they will also learn more and hopefully support your work. We are anticipating a huge turnout as in prior years and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed being a part of this worthy cause. I suggest you have your products ready for the creative activity that will engage and capture your audience players at your hole as well as help your organization maximize on this opportunity.

The Sesego Cares team is therefore looking forward to your participation. Please do not hesitate if you have any questions or require further details.

Warm Regards,

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1 day ago

Sesego Cares

#golfday is in less than 24 Hours!!!! ...

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